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I’ve been running the New York branch of my father’s outfit since I was eighteen years old. Standing at five-feet-four-inches in high heels and a ponytail, people don’t look at me and think immediately: mob boss.


But that works in my favor. It’s not exactly conducive to our line of work to be in the spotlight, or to have people know your name. So I keep a low profile and I keep my men close.


The men in this outfit know my deepest secret, the one that keeps me up at night all these years later. The one that some died to keep. The one that changed me into this dark version of myself, this woman who can do unspeakable things.


So when my father’s right hand man brings a devilishly handsome new sharpshooter to join the crew, I don’t exactly welcome him with open arms.


The doors of this Brooklyn brownstone may as well have been cemented shut all those years ago, right along with what was left of my heart.


But the second Leo lays eyes on me, he sees something that no one else around me has seen in eight years. He sees hope. He sees light. He sees a future. And as terrifying as it is, with him around, I start to see those things, too.


But the secrets I’ve tried so hard to bury, the ghosts of the past are back to haunt me. And they remind me that no matter how hard I try, I can’t outrun myself. 


Trigger Warning: This book contains some graphic scenes and very sensitive subject matter.

The Rook - SIGNED

  • Please note: No returns on signed books. 

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