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Miss Fix-It - that’s me. And when my sister and nephew are in danger, it’s my natural instinct to step in and get them out of Boston. The girl with the plan, always.

We land at the Rowan Inn - a charming bed-and-breakfast on the shores of the Chesapeake. A sweet little haven we’re hoping will bring us the peace we so desperately need.

Instead, it brings us Jesse Rowan, the gruff and grumpy son of the original owners. The same guy who is single-handedly sinking the Inn faster than an anchor in the bay.

But we need a place to crash until I can figure out our next move, so I convince him to let us stay in exchange for help around the place.

At first, he’s rude, sarcastic, and standoffish. But after a few months of working around the Inn together, I realize he’s not as callous as he’d like us to think.

And I realize that maybe the Inn isn’t the only project I want to take on.

He needs some fixing, too. But the Inn has to be just a detour for us.

And as long as we’re on the run, Jesse Rowan can’t be my last stop.

Author's Note: This book contains some scenes and sensitive materials that readers may find triggering.

Rowan Revived - SIGNED

  • Please note: No returns on signed books. 

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