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He’s my brother’s best friend. He was my first real crush. He’s the NHL MVP and local sweetheart.


And he’s back in town.


I won’t lie and say that I’m not happy to see Levi Buck back around Crooked Creek. Despite the frenzy that follows him around town, it’s good to see his face. The gentle, painfully sexy man I once knew.


I was just a teen when he left, and he took a part of me--and my biggest secret--with him.


But now he’s back, and so is the reminder of the night that changed everything. 


I lied to him once, and when he realizes that what he saw was real, he’ll stop at nothing to bring me justice.


But justice comes at a price. 


A price I’m not willing to pay. 


I replay that night in my head over and over again. Not even playing in the NHL could erase the guilt I felt.


I couldn’t stay in town and relive it. So when I got drafted to play across the country, I ran as fast as I could.


But I left Lo behind.

When I took off, she was still a teenager. But now, with my professional career coming to an end, I’m back in town. And Lo is all grown up. From the looks of her life, she grew up faster than she should have had to.


And I’m the only one who knows why. 


When I realize what I always suspected to be true all those years before, I lose my mind. I see red. I’m willing to risk it all. I’m ready to kill for it.


But revenge might cost her everything.


And it might cost me the one thing I suddenly can’t live without: her. 


Trigger Warning: This book contains some graphic scenes and very sensitive subject matter.

Power Play Discreet Cover - SIGNED

  • Please note: No returns on signed books. 

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