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From the time I can remember, it was always the three of us. Me, Tommy, and Shane. We were young, doing things we shouldn't have been doing. 


They say the water here in Meade Lake freezes four feet deep. But that winter had been unseasonably warm...


After we lost Tommy, Shane packed up and moved on, leaving me to figure it all out by myself. To figure out who I was without my two best friends.


But now, Shane is back in Meade Lake. He’s changed, but under that cold, hardened exterior, I can still see a hint of my best friend.

The boy I once loved.


We’re reliving our glory years, laughing at the memories, sorting through the pain.


And each time, he stands a little bit closer, lingers a little bit longer. But with every touch, I feel that ice-cold barrier form around my heart.


He showed me once that he could walk away and never look back.


I can’t give him that chance again.

In Winters Past - SIGNED

  • Please note: No returns on signed books. 

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