Throughout Bria’s teen years, Knox was her rock, her person, her constant—but never her boyfriend. And for all those years, she told herself that was exactly how she wanted it to be.


Yeah, right.


Knox wasn’t the one that got away—he was the one that never was.


Now, Bria’s full-on adulting, and she's crushing it. She’s got a grown-up job, a lush D.C. apartment, a dreamy med-student fiancé. What more could a girl want?


But when a family crisis lands her back in her hometown of Dalesville, she finds herself face-to-face with the one thing she always wanted and never had: Knox.


But she's determined to keep her feelings for Knox in the past. It doesn’t matter that he’s as charming as ever, and looks even better with age. It doesn’t matter that she discovers huge sacrifices he made for her, way back when.


Nope, it doesn’t matter.


. . . Right? 




When Luci left Dalesville to pursue a career on the west coast, Della always secretly hoped that one day, her best friend would make her way back.


Luci is back, alright. But it’s because Della’s husband is killed, just as she’s starting her second trimester.


Now, Luci finds herself sitting at prenatal appointments with Della, buying diapers, and trying to help Della put her life back together.


And all the while, Luci is trying to avoid her own heartbreak in the form of Dayton Briggs, her high school-turned-college sweetheart who broke her heart all those years ago.


As Della is navigating her new life and preparing for motherhood, Luci has to decide if she wants to escape back to the west coast, or stay in Dalesville and risk having her heart broken all over again.


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